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Bully Pully Kit

Bully Pully Kit


This is the ORIGINAL Bully Pully that started it all. The OG Bully Pully is built to handle the big dogs that have a TON of energy, and can handle as much tugging as your dog can give it.


This Bully Pully Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started right away!


(1) Bully Pully

(1) Hand-sewn Fire Hose Tug or Rope Tug (your choice)

(1) Variable-Height Dasiy Chain Hanging Strap (you choose short or long strap)

(1) 12kN Carabiner

(1) D-Ring Ceiling Mount


This Bully Pully model has a clear PVC body so you can see the intense action of the neon green and neon purple 5/8" marine-grade bungee cord inside of the body as your dog enjoys their tugging experience! The bungee cord is secured in the top of the Bully Pully with laser-cut stainless steel plate and heavy-duty aluminum swages, and Patent Pending design. Use the integrated 304 Stainless Steel eyebolt, in conjunction with our mounting accessories, to hang from almost anywhere!


We are happy to help you determine the best installation method, so please contact us with any questions! We want to ensure that you receive the best experience possible with your new Bully Pully!


Accessory Specifications:


Rope Tug:

Assorted rope tug toys that are optimized for use with the Bully Pully. (colors may vary). This is the best for starting your dog on the Bully Pully, creating a confident tugging experience.


Fire Hose Tug:

Our fire hose tugs are all hand-sewn in Milwaukee, WI from repurposed fire hose material. This toy has been designed to work perfectly with a Bully Pully. This is for a more advanced dog that is confident in his or her bite.


The daisy-chain straps provided are great for easily hanging your Bully Pully from a branch on a tree, a swing set, or a joist in a basement or garage.


Short Daisy-Chain Strap (8 + 2 loop)

600 lbs breaking strength

3.6 feet long


Long Daisy-Chain Strap (15 + 1 loop)

700 lbs breaking strength

9.8 feet long



12kN (2,698 lb) breaking strength (color may vary)

  • Weight Limit:

    The Bully Pully is optimized for up to 250 lb (113 kg) of peak resistance, but has a much higher breaking point in order to provide a high safety margin. Please do not exceed recommended weight rating, or use in any other activity besides its intended purpose. 

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